Trifecta and the Holidays…What a Perfect Combination!

When we introduced our new paper stock in October, we couldn’t help but think Trifecta would make for the perfect holiday card, considering the green middle layer, ultra thick 24pt. stock, and beautiful silky finish on the surface. And we were right on the money…

We love the way designer Britt Davis‘ red, seasonal design pairs with the green seam in the middle. Britt, who designed a calendar on the back of her Trifecta postcards, manages to get a full year’s calendar on one side, while still keeping the design fresh and seamless. The front, of course, is all about her main message and image, with a bright red that stands out.

GotPrint holiday postcard printed on Trifecta Triple-Layered Paper

Here’s what Britt had to say about her project:

“2014 was full of turbulent events that made headlines across the globe. I wanted to send a simple and classic message to family, friends and clients in the hopes it would bring a little hope to the holiday season – “Peace on Earth”. 

In the hopes recipients would hold on to the cards, I put a calendar on the back so they could use it all year. It is the perfect size for the office, pockets or just pinning up. For the design, I used Adobe illustrator to create the shapes and masked them to scrape book paper patterns. This was a theme I have been working with the past few years. 

Traditionally, I send folded cards but wanted to try something a little different. This was the perfect opportunity to try out the Trifecta Paper! As a designer and “print nerd” I am happy GotPrint is expanding their paper selection. Looking forward to printing more projects using Trifecta!”
We’re inspired by the bold colors and nice details for this postcard design. Bravo on a job well done Britt!
GotPrint holiday calendar postcard printed on Trifecta paper
Trifecta makes a great choice for when you want to really stand out and show your attention to detail (and sophisticated taste!) But surely, we haven’t seen it all, so do reach out to us to let us know what creative ways you’ve been designing your Trifecta cards.

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