Emergency Awareness Signs & Prints for Your Essential Business

As an online printing company that is working to keep their employees safe during this time, while still providing necessary print products to businesses in need, we want to take this opportunity to share the importance of informative signs and prints. 

The general public looks to news and media outlets to guide them with accurate information for preventative measures, but it’s also common to feel overwhelmed with all the developing data and guidelines that are constantly being presented. 

This is where signage and other print materials come in handy as helpful informational tools. Whether you’re a restaurant that has had to temporarily change the direction of business practices, a grocery store that wants to do the absolute most possible to help patrons follow guidelines, or a healthcare facility that prides itself on maintaining the safety of patients and visitors, having up-to-date signage and informative prints is vital to your establishment and the people you serve daily. 

Here are just a few of our suggestions for products that are useful during this unprecedented pandemic: 

A-Frame Signs 

Because they can be placed outdoors, A-Frame Signs are practical options for both specific businesses and general public safety announcements from the city.


It’s likely that your restaurant only offers take-out or delivery at this time, and may even have a limited menu. As another versatile print product, Brochures can be used as menus to cater to the temporary changes of a restaurant. They can also be used by healthcare facilities that want to provide detailed information about COVID-19, including preventative measures, and what to do when symptoms start to appear.


For a quick way to provide simple reminders, consider placing Posters on various walls of your establishment. Let’s spread knowledge, not germs!

Door Hangers

Door Hangers are best for small and local food establishments who want to extend a helping hand to their community. Consider printing these to advertise free delivery or some sort of coupon so that customers know they can still order from you from the comfort of their own home. Pro tip: including guidelines such as cashless payment and contactless delivery will bring additional reassurance and more incentive for customers to order from you during this time.

Retractable Banner Stands

An unmissable sign! No matter what content you place on a Retractable Banner Stand, you’ll be sure to attract the necessary attention while providing an adequate amount of information to your audience. 

Floor Decals

Whether the intention is to guide people through a grocery store or a healthcare facility, you can always guarantee that Floor Decals are the practical choice to send people in the right direction without taking up space. Pro tip: floor decals are also ideal for creating helpful social distancing guidelines for patrons. 

Window Clings

For an easy and inexpensive method of providing updated business practices without having to open your doors, choose Window Clings. There’s no minimum quantity, which makes this an economic choice for your business. 

Yard Signs

Public service announcement! Yard Signs are another affordable option for sharing necessary information and guidelines for the general public. All of our yard signs come with stakes for secure placement on any applicable surface. 

GotPrint is here to cater to your necessary print needs. For more essential print products, head to our Emergency Awareness Essentials page, where you will find all the products that will be useful in this situation.

In the case that you have placed an order for one or more of these products and need your order as soon as possible, please reach out to customer service and we will do our best to assist you.

You may either email info@gotprint.com with specific questions, use the live chat feature found on our website, or call 1-877-922-7374 between the adjusted hours of Monday – Friday, 6 AM – 6 PM PST, and Saturday, 8 AM – 4 PM PST. We ask for your patience, as call and chat volume may be heightened during the time you are trying to reach us.

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