The Best Free Fonts for Commercial & Personal Use

Struggling to choose a font for your design? We’ve been there. We get it. Selecting the right font is no easy task, and to make matters worse, there’s an excessive variety of options you have to sift from to find the one that catches your eye. With a nearly endless amount of fonts at one’s disposal on various design platforms and free font websites, sometimes it feels nearly impossible to choose what’s going to work best for you. It’s possible that you stumbled upon this post because you’ve been incessantly researching the best typefaces or trending fonts so that someone else can make a decision for you.

Why is it important to select a good font?

Font selection for a business card should be much different than the font for say a wedding invitation. With any design, it’s vital to consider all the moving parts that make up the finished product. This goes for elements such as the colors, the copy, and the type of font. Every element, when combined into one finished product, sets a specific style and tone. Like any design, your font choice paired with the words on the page or screen need to evoke a certain tone and emotion. Something elegant deserves a script font, something professional a clean serif or sans serif font, and something bold needs a display font to attract attention right away.

Read on to discover some of the best fonts you can use to create both personal and professional designs. There are only 25 options total, so feel confident that you can choose your favorites with ease.

Simple Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif fonts are the go-to choice for nearly every type of design. In French, the word “Sans” means “without,” and serifs are the strokes you see attached to each letter – which these kinds of fonts don’t have; hence, Sans Serif. They’ve often been described as clean, simple, and modern. Because these fonts are minimal, they are both easy to read and pair well with other typefaces. 


Open Sans

League Spartan

Josefin Sans


Classic Serif Fonts

An older style than sans serif, but still very much used nonetheless. A serif font is recognizable from the little lines or strokes that extend from letters. Use serif fonts whenever you intend to go for a timeless, classical look. Both Serif and Sans Serif fonts are generally considered paragraph typefaces but are versatile in the sense that they can be used for headings as well when done right.


PT Serif



Bree Serif

Display Fonts

Use display fonts when you are creating a line of content that needs to stand out from all else at first glance. Display fonts are bold, eye-catching, and are best used for titles and headings. 

Playfair Display

Abril Fatface


Chunk Five

Bebas Neue

Script Fonts

Script fonts may seem dated, but their necessity remains evident, especially because there are so many new, modern-looking script fonts to choose from. Script resembles handwriting in cursive, so it provides an elegant, romantic feel to any design. Similar to display fonts, script fonts are best used to accentuate a few words. Take a wedding invitation – the timeless format of any invitation card is to put the names of the bride and groom in a script font, and then the rest of the text be written in a serif font. With modernized options of scripts to choose from, you can now even pair these gorgeous fonts with sans serif fonts. Depending on the typeface, a script font can be applied to a header, or to a paragraph text.

Playlist Script 



League Script


Quirky Fonts

Quirky fonts are meant to be fun, energetic, and grab the attention of any reader. Due to their intricate, bold nature, most creative fonts are only best used for headings, as using them in paragraph form would be too difficult for the reader’s eye.




Spicy Rice


Most of these typefaces have more than one variant, i.e. italic, light, semi-bold, bold, and so on, so even if you select one typeface, you can still have some diversity within your designs.

What is your favorite typeface? Share your pick in the comments below!

The above fonts are available on platforms such as Adobe Fonts, Canva,,, and more.

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