Stand Out With New Promotional Ideas

The majority of businesses and individuals looking to promote their business with personalized promotional pieces typically consider flyers, brochures, business cards, and postcards as their first, and sometimes, only advertising option.

Although these products are popular choices, you shouldn’t limit yourself to these alone, especially when you can explore other, road-less-paved means to marketing your business.

With a wide variety of promotional products available for you to have printed (or custom designed!), can help you surprise your customers with a fresh, new means by which you may attain much-needed attention and sales.
For example, take a look at these stylish bookmarks, created by metalsmith and jeweler, Kirsten Skiles. Beautiful imagery of her handmade jewelry, and her contact details on a bookmark are perfect promotional tools that are both beneficial for promoting her business, and functional for her readers who can use a bookmark or two while reading.
dark promotional bookmarks featuring jewelery design on a wooden table
We love this bright and colorful banner created by Tiffany Burks. The message is short and simple, but to the point, which makes for a very effective banner. Tiffany successfully promotes her website, and includes a fitting tagline to attract those looking to purchase custom paper goods.
white promotional banner for printed by GotPrint

But why stop at a 2-D product when you can get three dimensional with some pop-up table tent displays, such as the one Will Lee created, below? They’re perfect for placing on tabletops and counters at your local coffee shop, restaurant, bookstore, among others. Moreover, their eyes just can’t miss them!

Best part of all, they’re not just for restaurants advertising their happy hour specials and dessert menu options. Get creative and incorporate a table tent advertisement for your business, and consider propping them in the venues that your customers may be lingering around, or simply at local hotspots that attract a lot of foot traffic.

dark-colored promotional table tent on a table, featuring "King of the Nations", printed by

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