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The same years that gave rise to the hippie movement, politically-charged protests, and The Beatles, also gave birth to environmental discourse in the political sphere. Initiated by a senator, and instigated by massive grassroots activism, a national environmental teach-in was held 41 years ago, on April 22, 1970, and environmentalism was pushed into the political limelight.

April 22nd soon became known as Earth Day, a day for appreciation and awareness of the environment, and a day in which we try to waste a little less, and contribute a little more to its preservation. And since sustainability is a particular concern for us here at GotPrint, including myself, I thought I’d share a few, very feasible tips on how to show your own appreciation for our environment (aside from hugging trees, of course).

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  1. Recycle – Most of us recycle our cans and glass bottles, but many other materials in our homes are recyclable, including paper, and almost all types of plastic. To find out whether the plastic can be recycled, look for the plastic identification code on the bottom or the side.
  2. Conserve water. The majority of water waste in a household results from improper watering of lawns. Make sure you’re watering the grass and not the sidewalk, and get a rain barrel to reserve rainwater.
  3. Plant a tree! You can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce energy costs for your home (more trees = less energy wasted for air conditioning). Not only will you help make your urban dwelling more beautiful and green, but you’ll be creating a natural habitat for other creatures.
  4. Ride your bike or use public transportation.
  5. Switch your lightbulbs to CFLs and purchase energy-efficient appliances.
  6. Shop at your local Farmer’s Market and support your local economy.
  7. Repurpose everything you possibly can.
  8. Use discarded paper as scrap paper and order recycled promotional pieces from your favorite recycle-friendly online printer.
GotPrint GotGreen recycle, eco-friendly and soyink logosAnd to help you with the last tip, GotPrint offers recycled paper for nearly all the products on our website. Our recycled paper comes from certified sustainable production systems, and contains recovered fibers from both pre- and post-consumer sources. In addition, we use eco-friendly inks and solvents based on soy, which emit low traces of VOCs. Learn more about our eco-friendly options here. Together, we can make a difference.

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If you have a few tips of your own that you’d like to contribute, make sure to leave a comment below.

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