Business Card Coaster?

We’ve seen business cards used in many different ways, and believe me, some of them have been quite entertaining and humorous…but coffee coaster business cards are definitely a first for us. This is one business card that’s clever, functional, and ideal for keeping your tables sticky-free.

GotPrint postcard business card with round corners as coffee coaster


Round-cornered postcards/business cards used as coffee coasters
Laura Meyer of 2 Kings Coffee
Laura Meyer: Nothing says classy like a business card that suavely implies, “Hey, this drink’s on me.” We are a small coffee bean retailer, but we want to make a big impact with our customers (in an inexpensive way) and we came up with a fun, not-so-average business card, AKA “the business coaster”. For a company in the coffee industry, having a business card that moonlights as a coaster seemed to be a no-brainer. I used a 4×4 postcard with rounded corners and a matte finish to achieve the overall look. These have been a huge hit with everyone that has seen them and they are a blast to pass around.
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