It’s Our Annual Halloween Costume-Off!

Ahhh, Halloween. It’s the one day of the year where we can throw aside the mundane slacks and dress shirts and opt for a scary mask or silly getup that we can’t get away with the rest of the days out of the year. Perhaps you want to live out your childhood dreams and be SpongeBob, or give your coworkers a fright with a bloody costume. Yup, it’s that time of year we’ll let you get away with almost whatever you come up with.

And speaking of getups, our annual Halloween tradition resumes, as the frightful, funny, and creative converge for the costume-off. Imagination and effort are key elements to winning the contest, and we think the following display a good dose of that.

Scary Costume Winner:
GotPrint scary costume winner halloween costume 2011
Note: If you don’t provide us with a bleed, we will.

And the Runner Up Winner:
GotPrint scary custome winner halloween 2011
You just never know who’s picking up your phone call…

Creative Costume Winner:
GotPrint halloween costume winner 2011
One of our staff members impersonating another staff member… (but I just can’t tell which is which…)

And the Runner Up Winner (on the right):
GotPrint halloween 2011 arab and samurai

Funny Costume Winner (second one on the left):
GotPrint costumes halloween 2011 prisoner, arab, priest and butcher

GotPrint halloween 2011 costumes arab, butcher
Don’t be scared. We don’t bite. Really.

GotPrint halloween 2011 costumes arab and butcher walking up the stairs
First, they’re up to something…

GotPrint halloween 2011 costumes arab
…Then a deal was made…

GotPrint halloween 2011 arab costume at his desk
And finally, conducting more business as usual (look at that gleam in his eyes!)

GotPrint employee feet
The rest of the picture

GotPrint halloween 2011 costumes, peacock, schoolgirl and arab
Wait a minute…was this part of the deal?!
GotPrint staff costume picture halloween 2011

GotPrint halloween 2011 clown costume

You’re scared of me? But I’m so friendly and sweet…

GotPrint 2011 staff picture wearing halloween costumes
Nope, no clearance here, guys. But really, be careful with that sign!

GotPrint 2011 halloween costume chocolate with hat
Why hand out chocolate when you can BE homemade chocolate?

GotPrint halloween 2011 costume cruella de vil
If you mess with me, I’ll tie you up just like I did to this Dalmation!

halloween 2011 at gotprint employee wearing fries costume at desk
 Want some fries with that?

halloween 2011 employees wearing halloween costume
Afro power!

GotPrint halloween 2011 costumes lumber jack and basketball player
Bring it!

GotPrint halloween 2011 where's waldo costumes
There were a few Waldos to be found… And we leave you with a very, very Angry Bird…

GotPrint 2011 angry bird pumpkin and jack 'o lantern

Psst. The rest of the pictures are in our Facebook photo album.

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