GotPrint 15th Year Party

Happy 15th, GP!

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Sunday was GotPrint’s 15 year anniversary year, and we’re so excited to be able to announce that our business is 15 years strong! As most of you already know, we’re a family-owned business, which means, family is a big part of our business. So what better way to celebrate all of our accomplishments than with those that made it all possible, our very own staff! So for the big day, we organized a fun festival with GotPrint staff and their families to celebrate with us.

Indeed, we had everyone from ages 1 to over 60 mingling and partaking in all the activities we had planned. We would like to thank Center of Attention Events @center_of_attention_events, who helped us throw the perfect corporate picnic. We set up a few tents in the GP parking lot, added grass, layed out picnic blankets, and stocked the whole area with food stations and activities for the whole family. There was face painting, a kid’s band, basketball hoops, bubbles, an ice cream station, pizza, and gourmet cotton candy for the kids. We also had a live salsa band, a superb violinist, endless BBQ and mimosas for the employees.

We couldn’t have asked for a greater turnout and could not have gotten this far without our amazing employees. It’s always important to appreciate those who do so much for us, so we’d like to thank you all for the constant support and the constant loyalty to GP. Join us in the next 15 years as we continue to grow and expand our business.

Much love, GP

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GotPrint FacePainting
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GotPrint Anniversary Party
GotPrint Anniversary
GotPrint Party with Staff
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GotPrint Kids Bubbles Event
GotPrint 15 year Event
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GotPrint Kids Band
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