Yay! InDesign Templates!

You asked and we delivered—InDesign downloadable templates have been added to our website! Now, we have all three of the most popular design software for your designing needs (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign).

If you’ve never used a template and have experienced issues with preparing your files, or just want to simply save the time and extra hassle, we highly recommend designing your files on our downloadable templates. Many of our new customers, especially those who don’t have a graphic design background, find these templates extremely helpful and simple to use.

InDesign downloadable templates on gotprint.com

By designing on any one of our downloadable templates, you won’t have to worry about providing the right amount of bleed (as it’s already provided for you) or worry about creating your own guidelines to ensure important elements such as text and graphics don’t get trimmed off (this is there too). In addition, the templates are set in CMYK color mode and the correct resolution. All you have to do is follow the instructions and the guidelines, remove them after you’re done designing, and send us your files. It’s almost* foolproof.

We hope this new feature will incite a couple of ‘yays’ and ‘woo-hoos’. Happy designing GotPrint customers!

*Print-ready files are also contingent on customers following directions carefully.

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