Unique Corporate Holiday Cards Your Clients Will Love

The holiday season may be the only time of the year that I love checking my mail. It’s so much fun watching my mailbox fill up with thick seasonal catalogs, gifts for and from loved ones and of course, plenty of holiday cards!

If you’re planning on sending business holiday cards this year, don’t place your order without reading this post. In keeping with the spirit of the season, we’re sharing our favorite holiday card tips to help you design a creative card your customers will cherish.

Send a Company Newsletter Card

GotPrint Holiday Year in Review Card

Think of this as a fun spin on the standard internal company newsletter – you know, the one that announces new hires, policy changes, and upcoming events. Customers love having some context about the businesses and people they work with, so don’t be afraid to send holiday cards in the form of small booklets.

Potential themes for a newsletter holiday card:

Year in Review – Tout your company’s accomplishments over the past year, such as a significant increase in the number of employees, awards your company has received, or new retail locations.

Behind the Scenes – Profile an employee from every department to help your customers develop a personal connection with the people behind the brand. You can also show off your headquarters or include step-by-step photos of how your signature product is made.

By the Numbers – Reveal cool and interesting facts that give insight into the scale of your business. For example, bakeries can share how many pounds of butter they will use over the holidays and nonprofit organizations can disclose the amount of money raised over the past year and a breakdown of how it was spent.

Make it Personal With a Family Photo

GotPrint Photo Holiday Card

If you work in a relationship-based industry such as real estate, hair/makeup, or education, you have probably built lasting friendships with some of your clients. They will be touched to receive a holiday card with a personal element such as a family portrait or vacation photo.

Turn Your Card Into an Ornament

GotPrint Holiday Ornament Card

It’s easy to design a gorgeous ornament card that will look at home on even the most elegant Christmas trees. Print your design onto a 4-inch or 6-inch circle business card that is at least 16 pt thick. Punch a hole in each circle (your printer may be able to handle that step for you) and include high-quality ribbon that can be used to hang the ornament on a tree or wall hook. This is a great holiday card option for creative professionals such as artists and illustrators.

Save Money With a Holiday Postcard

GotPrint Holiday Postcard

Keep it simple with well-designed, high-quality holiday postcards. Not only are postcards a budget-friendly alternative to traditional holiday cards, they are much harder to miss! Use rich colors and bold typography to give your cards a modern, festive feel.

Combine Your Card With a Calendar

GotPrint Holiday Calendar Card

Most people leave the back of their holiday cards blank, but we recommend using this space as an additional branding opportunity. A beautiful single-page calendar printed onto the back of your card will give recipients an extra incentive to place your cards on their refrigerators and bulletin boards.

Count Down to the Holidays

GotPrint Holiday Countdown Card

Incorporate your own version of “The 12 Days of Christmas” onto your card with tips that your clients can use to get ready for the holidays. If possible, tie the content into your business; for example, a home repair company can include a 12-step plan on preparing your home for guests, and a department store can suggest gifts for 12 types of people in your life.

Splurge on a Luxurious Paper Stock

GotPrint Luxury Holiday Card

If your clients are used to the best, a low-effort holiday card may reflect poorly on your brand. Print your design on an ultra-thick stock like our Trifecta triple-layer paper for elegant holiday cards that will be nearly impossible to throw away.

Include a Surprise Gift

GotPrint Holiday Stickers

A small gift such as branded stickers or bookmarks doesn’t cost much but can bring a great deal of joy to your customers. If you are sending cards to high-value clients, a gift card to a coffee shop or restaurant will be an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

Promote Your Social Media

GotPrint Holiday Card Social

If you have an incredible social media account that isn’t getting the attention it deserves, give it a boost by sending your customers a real-life example of what they’re missing. A holiday card designed to resemble an Instagram, Twitter or Facebook post is sure to make your customers look twice and bump up your follower count.

Avoid the Holiday Rush

GotPrint New Years Cards

Ring in the new year with a Happy New Year card! A cheerful forward-looking card will be just the thing to lift your customers’ moods after the holiday rush has come to an end. New Year’s cards are also a great alternative if your business is closed over the holiday season. We recommend ordering the cards in advance and sending them out right after Christmas.

Don’t Forget Your Employees

GotPrint Folded Holiday Card

Even the simplest of gestures can have a powerful effect on morale. Your employees will love receiving custom holiday cards that tout the company’s major accomplishments over the past year and recognize their roles in making them happen. Consider asking each department manager to write personal notes for their employees as well.

Envelop Your Card in a Gorgeous Envelope

GotPrint Holiday Envelopes

As a business owner, you know by now that packaging is everything. By enclosing your cards in premium custom envelopes, you increase the chances that customers will open your mailing as soon as possible. For high-end brands, hiring a calligrapher to hand-write your clients’ names and addresses will make a dramatic impression.

No matter which direction you choose, keep in mind that holiday cards, even corporate ones, should never double as overt sales pitches. Rather, use this opportunity to let your clients know how much you appreciate their support and wish them a very happy holiday season!

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