Summer Promotional Idea – Bookmarks!

Summertime can be a tough time for some businesses. Consumers are usually in the midst of travel and leisure, and reaching out to them isn’t always easy, considering their shift in focus.

Thankfully, with a little bit of creativity, you can easily avoid or get out of this summer slump and get back to business with great promotional ideas.

For example, since summertime is a time for those great summer reads, why not create custom bookmarks your customers and fans will not only appreciate, but use time and again? Best of all, they’ll have your name right under their nose with each turn of the page (even while they’re on vacation!).

Here’s what Jess had to say about his promotional bookmarks: 

My name is Jess Smart Smiley, and I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic designer working in Utah. I created the bookmarks to advertise for my first family-friendly graphic novel, Upside Down: A Vampire Tale, which came out last October from Top Shelf Productions.

The book is drawn in only three colors: black, white and Halloween green, and I spent a good deal of time researching printers that could replicate the exact green I needed. The bookmarks have been a huge success and I’ve given away thousands of them! With Upside Down 2 coming this October, I’ll be ordering some new bookmarks, stickers and more.

Hand holding GotPrint printed green and black bookmark, "upside down" comic book

Hand holding GotPrint printed green and black bookmark, "upside down" comic book

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