Stick To It: Sticker Marketing For Your Business

We recently talked about utilizing stickers as a promotional tool, particularly for branding. When it comes to increasing brand awareness and recognition, getting your name heard and seen is crucial, and stickers help you do just that. They’re eye-catchy, fun, and easy to pass around. In fact, there are so many ways you can use stickers, that we came up with a list of our top sticker and label dos.

  1. Include a branded sticker with your customers’ packages. Affix them to your packages or include a few in the package itself. This way, they can keep one and hand the other to a referral!
  2. Attach them to indoor community boards or walls (just stay clear from those private spaces).
  3. At a networking event? There’s no reason why you can’t hand out a sticker with your business card, and make your card really stand out.
  4. We love the idea of a complete marketing package. It leaves a professional impression when you hand out a presentation folder, complete with your business card, sticker, brochure and flyers.
  5. Customize your packages and gifts – attach a sticker to the tissue paper on your gifts for a nice, elegant and branded finish. This way, they’ll see your logo and brand name every time they tear open the wrapping.
  6. Go sticker crazy with your favorite products – no reason why you can’t advertise your business by affixing stickers to your favorite things that you use on a daily basis (mugs? notebooks? supplies? skateboard? bike?).
  7. Hand stickers out at events and trade shows – it’s an easy way to get your name out there and meet a potential customer or two. Our stickers come in individual pieces making them easy to pass them out.
  8. You can also make use of our various forms of roll labels for product packaging. We offer various shapes from circular to starburst, in clear or white, for all your labeling needs. Whether they be for your wine bottles, products, custom food packages or cases – we’ve seen them used on just about anything. We even have roll labels with a protective UV coating that allows them to be used for outdoor purposes.

These are just a few of the numerous ways you can take advantage of our sticky friends to advertise your business. But we’d like to see more examples from you creative folk, so tell us, how are you using your stickers and labels?

Nareh S.

With over 10 years of experience in content marketing and writing, Nareh enjoys creating content for blogs, websites, advertisements - just about anything you can think of. A self-proclaimed wordsmith, Nareh enjoys compelling, witty taglines and phrases. When not writing, Nareh enjoys traveling and eating a ridiculous amount of avocados.

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