Paper Goods For Your Special Event

We recently came across a blog post featuring our customers’ unique and very thoughtful 2012 Spring wedding. We use the word ‘thoughtful’ because every element seems to be thought out and original—and and it all seems to have come together very nicely too!

GotPrint printed white wedding announcement invitation and bouquet placed on leaves Wedding announcements designed by Nina Hans

Seeing all of the details of her wedding and the numerous items she had designed to accessorize the day made us think about how we love seeing all of the different ways in which you use paper to tell your story or prepare for your special events.

With a little bit of creativity (which you have a lot of – we know!), you can customize just about any product to create an entire selection of paper goods for your celebration. We especially liked the “I DO” stickers she placed for each pastry (below).

GotPrint printed "i do" stickers placed on pastries on table
“I DO” stickers accompany the wedding pastries

Whether it be more casual, yet nonetheless elegant Save the Dates, semi-formal wedding invitations, customized place cards, or programs, we have everything you need to customize the special day to your heart’s content. And we take great pride in being able to offer you the great prices and flexibility you need to make it a special day to remember!

GotPrint wedding announcement and invitation placed on leaves on the ground
Wedding invitations and envelopes designed by Nina Hans
We’d love to hear about your own events and the little details that helped bring it all together. If we’ve had any part to play in it, leave us a comment and let us know!

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