New Year…New Resolutions

The new year is upon us, and with that, a fresh new start and an opportunity to improve on whatever you choose to change. Having a New Year’s resolution is a great way to make the best of the year and start it off on the right foot.

Have you thought of yours yet? We know we have a whole list of resolutions (or rather, ideas and improvements) for the new year, and what we’d like to get done at GotPrint, but the key is to approach it the right way. So whether you have personal resolutions or ones related to your career or business, it’s crucial to have a strategy for your resolutions to ensure you stick to it.

Our top tips for New Year’s resolutions:

1. Have a goal
First, pinpoint your goal and why it is important for you. What will it produce? Once you feel confident about your resolutions, find the exact numbers and give yourself a tentative deadline so you have something concrete to reach for. Otherwise, you won’t know once you’ve even reached it. But once you do, you will feel a lot more confident and can then move on to other goals.

2. Plan it out. 
You need to know how you plan to achieve your goal, so make a list of concrete steps (little ones) that you can take to get there. One thing to keep in mind here is that your steps should gradually increase in difficulty, otherwise, you’ll risk never getting them completed.

3. Take the first step.
The hardest part is always the first step, so as long as you can do that, you can gradually move on to step 2 and after that, step 3 and 4 will become easier. Form a habit and the whole process will become much easier after awhile. Soon, it will be like clockwork!

4. Be open to making certain sacrifices. 
We don’t have time to do it all, so make a list of tasks that are not important. For example, you can start with listing small, time-consuming errands that you can delegate to others, or tasks that you feel you need to do, but you really don’t.

Ask yourself if any of these tasks are even needed. Will they save you more money, or are they valuable for your career? If they are not, then you can probably sacrifice them. We all know there are certain tasks that we need to do, such as paying our bills and filing our taxes, and others we don’t really need to focus on, such as reading every email that we receive in our inbox.

If you find yourself  too busy for anything new, let alone New Year’s resolutions, then you must make some time in your schedule by getting rid of the tasks that are unnecessary. Once you can make these changes, you can actually see some positive results and cross a few of those resolutions off your list.

Nareh S.

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