More Products Added to the Design Services!

We’ve just recently added new products to our Design Services, including banners, bookmarks, event tickets, hang tags, table tents, and yard signs!

Our Design Services are ideal for customers who want a professional to custom design their promotional products in order to market their company more effectively. (They’re also great for anyone undergoing serious creative block!) Our expert graphic design team will design the product according to your style; you can send us the images you’d like for us to utilize, or we can select images from our archives. Whatever you choose, our designers will ensure that your final product is to your liking and suits your message or goal perfectly.
For each product, you will have a few options (A,B,C, or D) to choose from. Each option has different pricing and is in order of how much work the design requires. If you choose option A or B, for example, you will be able to send us 1-2 high-quality images for us to incorporate into the design of your promotional product. If you choose option A, our designers will incorporate a more basic design with fewer images than if you choose option B. Option B will ensure that the designers will spend more time on your design, as well as incorporate more images. Choosing option C will allow you to send us 2-4 high-quality images. On some products, such as business cards, we also offer option D.

In order to select the appropriate option to meet your needs, view the examples under each option to see which one you prefer. On the order page, you will be able to supply us with any instructions you feel are necessary for us to design your product. If we feel as though your order falls under a different pricing level according to the instructions you gave us for the design, we will inform you and wait for your approval to change the price.

The turnaround for custom designing your products is about 2-4 business days for business cards, postcards, flyers, and brochures. For promotional tools that require more time, such as presentation folders and catalogs, allow 3-7 business days. Please keep in mind that this turnaround does not include the printing turnaround.
In addition to designing promotional products, we also offer Logo Design for regular logos ($100) or corporate logos ($250). You will simply need to submit your company information, and the Design Department will create a beautiful, detailed logo that will embody your company identity both effectively and in such a way that it will be visually appealing.

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