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As I was browsing through pictures of promotional pieces and reading feedback provided by our customers, I noticed several examples of how our customers have made a positive impact with their print products. Piqued by curiosity, I asked a few of these customers to share a little bit more on their experiences with us.

Sabrina Orihuela, one such customer, was recently a sponsor for the Empowering Women Conference, a conference held to help women in business as well as in their personal lives. As a consultant for Cookie Lee Jewelry, Sabrina had a booth at the event, where she handed out these beautiful, pink bookmarks that matched the intent of the event perfectly.

Discover what pink can do for you bookmark for empowering women conference

“The bookmark was a useful business card. I had all my contact info on the back and people that were interested in becoming a consultant or wanted to book a show would have it…on a bookmark! I was able to donate jewelry to the women’s shelter. It was a great time, fulfilling time.”

Marques Lyons, another GotPrint customer, organized the MSMVP, a meetup designed to bring members of the Microsoft® MVP community together with the public to get hands-on assistance and advice on a variety of Microsoft® technologies. To help keep everything organized, Marques ordered hang tags for attendees of the event. Here is what he had to say about his sleek tags:

“The hang tags were fantastic because it helped to establish those who were there for the event and gave it a much more professional presentation. Attendees thought the tags looked great and I have some left over to use on future MSMVP events.”

MSMVP attendee hang tags printed by GotPrint

Thank you Sabrina and Marques for sharing your pictures and experiences with us! If you feel a burst of inspiration, visit and choose from our wide selection of marketing pieces.

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