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One of the most exciting activities we perform as an online print vendor who provides a wide array of print products, is when we take the opportunity to start a dialogue with our customers about their organizations and how they use our products to promote their businesses. It’s always a fun and interesting endeavor, as we not only uncover the many unique ways in which our printed materials are being used in business, but also gain much needed insight and feedback that helps us improve our processes and product offerings.

LizNugent is an illustrator in the Washington D.C. area whose primary goal with her illustrations is to make people smile. Just take a quick glance at one of her latest promotional postcards, and you’ll be smiling from ear-to-ear. It’s obvious that her designs accomplish everything she sets out to do. We’re certainly smiling. Liz focuses on the children’s market, but loves experimenting with new ideas, new markets and approaches. We’re also happy to report that Liz is a very satisfied GotPrint customer. According to Liz, “ I’ve been a long time customer and your quality never disappoints!” We thank Liz for her business and her candor, and are excited to do business with such a talented artist.


Another very talented artisan, who uses GotPrint for various printed materials, including postcards, is Justin Tauch, a tattoo artist and illustrator who now lives and works in the Los Angeles area. Originally from Chicago, Justin majored in watercolor and illustration at the American Academy of Art. Justin has been tattooing professionally since 2010 and specializes in custom work. He enjoys tattooing nature, space and sea life inspired imagery with an illustrative style. We are blown away by his steady hand and sharp creative mind. As you can see from his latest promotional postcard design, Justin’s abilities clearly stand out. Thanks Justin for printing your postcards with GotPrint. We’re inspired!



When it comes to creating “pottery for your everyday,” Anne Carnevale, is a master of all she purveys. Anne’s work is inspired by functional objects that have been present throughout history – a cup, a plate, a spoon, a water jug, all of which are timeless, clean and simple. Her one of a kind art pieces are designed with the intention of being held and used, as they aesthetically enhance the everyday moments of life. As an artist, Anne believes that every object tells a story. We couldn’t agree more, and are thrilled that Anne uses GotPrint for printing her beautifully inspired business cards and postcards. We are in awe of your creative prowess and marketing ingenuity. Thanks Anne.

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Rob S. has more than 20 years experience as a content marketer and creative director. He has worked in a wide range of industries and enjoys creating content for various areas in the digital world: from social media, to online ads to website copy. Rob enjoys art, music, taking photos, managing his fantasy baseball team, staying fit, and of course, spending quality time with loved ones.

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