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What makes a good business card, a good business card? There are many factors to consider, of course. There’s the shape, the color, texture, paper stock, printing quality, and of course, the design. Then, we get into the marketing aspect of it. Does it truly represent what you do and what you can offer, for example?

Sometimes it’s hard to point out exactly what makes a business card a “good business card”, but we sure know one when we see it. Speaking of which, we did some digging into our customer photo archives and came across these beautiful selections for your viewing pleasure.
Alicia Hansen’s round-shaped business cards are perfect for her cake pop business. We love the simple design and how she reinforces her product with circular shapes. Moreover, it has just the right pop of color to bring upon a sweet craving!


hayden chance parker illustration business cards on the table

When you have great illustrations, what more do you need? Freelance illustrator and artist Hayden Chance Parker keeps her card simple on the front, so that the main focus will remain on the detailed illustration on the back.

boun loun photographer business cards on table

Or take a look at photographer and designer Boun Loun’s business cards. She ordered different sets of cards, each with a different photograph on one side. This way, she’s able to create a paper slideshow of her work, emphasizing how each photograph tells a different, unique story.

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