15 Essential Marketing Print Products for Businesses

So, you’ve just started your own business. You’ve ordered custom business cards and you’re happy with the outcome. You feel confident that you’re So, you’ve just started your own business. Now, you need marketing materials. We all know how important business cards are for both working professionals and businesses of all sizes. However, there are plenty more marketing tools to consider – specifically printed ones.  No matter what industry you’re in, sooner or later, you’re going to need more than just business cards and a strong networking game to take your business to the next level. If you’re not sure what to print first, we’ve made a quick guide on all the essential marketing prints you could use for your business venture.   

1. Business Cards

A professional, clean business card is the ultimate marketing print. Everyone needs one, especially in networking scenarios. The standard size is 2” x 3.5”, which is around the same size as a credit card. It’s a compact marketing tool that can conveniently fit into a wallet, purse, or even a pocket. Custom business cards are easy to create! You can either design your cards on a 3rd party platform, save the high-res files, and order them here, or you can opt for a slightly easier route and take advantage of our built-in online designer tool, which offers hundreds of business card templates to choose from and edit. Our templates and online design tool are free of charge, you’ll only have to pay for your prints! 

Free, Editable Business Card Templates: 

Popular Business Cards 
Modern Business Cards 
Minimalist Business Cards 
Real Estate Business Cards 
Construction Business Cards 

2. Letterheads

Professional correspondence is a must for your new start-up. Printing custom letterhead in bulk will allow you to have inventory whenever you need to send things out in the mail, both to employees and clients. Your letterhead design should also be simple. You only really need 6 elements in total for the perfect letterhead– your logo, company name, address, phone number, email address, and website.  

3. Envelopes

Perfect to pair with your custom letterhead. Logo Envelopes can be customized to print on just the front outside surface of the envelope. These are best for businesses who are looking to brand their envelopes on a budget, hence the name logo envelopes. They start at 25 quantities so it’s perfect for smaller, budget-conscious projects. 

Custom Envelopes offers the option of 4/4 full-color printing, which means you can print on both the outside and the inside of the envelope. So if you’re looking for colorful envelopes and have an intricate design, custom envelopes are your best bet. Full-color business envelopes start at 100 quantities and choose a #9 Standard Envelope or #10 Standard Envelope. 

4. Branded Stickers

Custom stickers are a convenient outreach tool – they are the perfect little promotional handout you can brand. If you want to keep it simple and straightforward, then the design should include your company logo and your website URL, usually on a 2×2 square sticker. If you’re a retail business, you can even add complementary stickers to every order. 

5. Postcard Mailers

Postcard marketing is a practice that many businesses invest in as a form of outreach and customer retention. The fact of the matter is your business could benefit from this print marketing tactic. Popular in the world of realty, postcard mailers are how many real estate agents get the word out about new listings, or how they find new clients who are looking to sell or buy a property. 

Free Real Estate Postcard Templates

Need help with creating mailer postcards? Check out this post dedicated to 10 Helpful Tips for Designing a Marketing Postcard 

6. Roll Labels

Custom Roll Labels are an extremely versatile product, and we would argue that they are even a necessity if you own a retail shop – especially if you are just starting out. They can be used as an affordable way to turn plain packaging into branded packaging, as wrapping paper stickers, and product labels, or as envelope seals for small or large roll label stickers. Try a popular 2” rounded square roll label for your next project. 

Branding can remain consistent if you use the same design and color scheme on all the different roll label shapes and sizes you order. Keep it simple – just include your logo, and maybe your website URL and social media handle. You can even select shapes like circle or oval, based on your logo, to really make the roll label design pop.   

7. Thank You Card Inserts (Postcards)  

Card inserts can be used for both eCommerce and brick-and-mortar shops. Including these types of thank you cards in every order or purchase produces a higher customer retention rate. Plus, it’s a nice gesture from the business to the customer.  
The postcard design of course should be within your brand guidelines, but the messaging doesn’t have to be as strict. How would you like to thank your customer for shopping with you? A thank you message can be short and sweet. You should also highly consider adding a discount code for the customer’s next order. If they like your products, they’ll come back regardless, but the likelihood of them returning to shop sooner rather than later is higher when you put an exclusive, limited-time-only offer on the thank you card. These are printed on postcards and can be the size of your choosing (though we recommend anything from a 3” x 5” to a 5” x 7” depending on the size of your packaging).   

8. Brochures

Custom brochures are essential marketing tools that connect businesses with potential customers by presenting visually appealing designs and concise information. Marketing brochures have a proven track record of usefulness for establishments in industries like real estate, automotive, restaurants, food delivery, finance, beauty services, and healthcare, just to name a few. Brochures of all types are most visible and useful when placed in stands on countertops, in delivery bags (specifically food menus), handed to customers directly, and even mailed out. Try a popular 8.5×11 Brochure with Trifold. 

9. Booklets

With custom booklets, you can create catalogs of your services and offerings, create a portfolio you can give to each potential client or partner, and even curate inciteful newsletters to keep your active audience engaged and invested in your business. These are commonly used as photo catalogs, portfolio booklets, professional business prints, product catalogs, magazines, yearbooks, and more. Booklets can be 8 pages or 64 pages or up, depending on the amount of information you must share. Try 8.5×11 Vertical Booklets

10. Folders

Custom folders are ideal for presentations, file management, or just as a kind gesture to encourage organization within your company. A presentation folder with your branding is a small step toward brand visibility, even if it just stays within the company. Make sure the color scheme of your design matches your brand guidelines. For folder content, keep it minimal – include your logo, contact information (address, phone number, website), and maybe even your company slogan – but that’s it.  

11. Company T-Shirts

Branded tees allow your employees to be comfortable at work while remaining professional. To make it a company t-shirt, include your company logo, and if your logo allows it, you can come up with a creative design. If you want to make it personalized, you can even print something unique based on each employee (things like name or department). Try a popular black tee or a comfy white tee to customize your apparel. 

12. Polo Shirts

Maybe you need professional, comfortable uniforms for your staff that are slightly more durable than T-shirts.  For the polo design, all you need to include is your company’s logo. That’s literally it. Your logo will be embroidered directly onto the left or right chest of the polo. Polo shirts are ideal for businesses that have warehouses, construction businesses, grocery store employees, plumbing, and other various handiwork. Try a Black Polo with white embroidered text on it. 

13. Yard Signs

Custom yard signs are just that – signs for lawns, or any grassy area. The designs should be generic enough that people know what your sign is for without having to read into it too much. Make sure messaging is kept to a minimum (only include what is necessary) and keep the colors/design professional. Include your contact information so that anyone who piques interest from your signage knows who to reach out to. When you think “yard sign,” what do you immediately think of in parallel? “Open house”, “just listed”, “for sale”. Yard Signs are a must for realtors, but they can apply to many other businesses too. You can indicate parking spots with yard signs, provide information about your business, and more. Try a popular 18×24 Yard Sign

14. Aluminum Signs

Signs printed on aluminum boards are perfect for permanent or even semi-permanent branding in a given space. Does your business have an office space? A retail storefront? Rent a unit in a building? If you answered yes to any of those, you’ll could use an aluminum logo sign for your business.  You can print full-color designs to make custom aluminum signs in a variety of shapes. Even if the board messaging is generic, it’s a great outdoor sign option that is durable in various weather conditions and therefore long-lasting. Try a 20” x 30” sign

15. Event Tickets

If your company is planning an event like a gala, party, or fundraiser – creating custom event tickets for said event is actually a great way to get guests and invitees excited & RSVP’d! You can personalize event tickets that match your company style, including your logo and specific color scheme. At the end of the event, the ticket will also make for a nice keepsake or memorabilia piece.  

Once you have picked the products you want to print, one of the follow-up decisions you need to make is what paper stock you’d like to print on. Make it easy, start by requesting a FREE GotPrint sample kit today, which includes paper & material samples to help you make an informed, confident choice. If you’re interested in learning more about our popular paper stocks, here’s a rundown of 14 pt. Gloss vs 16 pt. Matte vs 100 lb.  Take a look to find out which paper stock is best for you! 

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