Dress Up Your Business Collateral With Presentation Folders

GotPrint presentation folder example double pockets
In the corporate world, image is everything. Your presentation folders should portray the same professionalism and determination that you and your business portray. Presentation folders are like an entire Powerpoint presentation packed into a folder. An effective presentation folder incorporates all of your business collateral neatly and in a very organized fashion, so as to include all of the vital details of your company.

They are crucial for branding your business, and ideal for business presentations, conferences, meetings, and for specialized programs in industries such as Health and Education. However, you must remember that presentation folders aren’t simply folders designed to store information and hand out at conferences and meetings; when used effectively, they are marketing tools that can attract clients and build a strong foundation for your company.

So how do you create a successful presentation folder? The key is to make them attractive and organized. The outside of the folder should have your company logo or brand, and perhaps relevant images. Make sure that your folder represents your company, so that potential clients can easily recognize the brand. The color scheme, images, and text are all different elements that should embody the image you want to portray.

Next, think of all the different business collateral you’d like to include in your folder, and customize the folder so that these documents will fit neatly inside. You might consider getting two pockets if you have several documents such as brochures and flyers. You should also consider a business card slit on a pocket so that you can incorporate your company contact information on a card that can easily be accessed. 

Here at GotPrint, you have several choices to help you customize your folders. You can order 4″ x 6″ Small Press Kits, or 9″ x 12″ Standard Folders, and choose to print them on 14pt. Gloss Coated Covers with UV Lamination (recommended to protect your folders from wear and tear), or on our 14pt. Premium Uncoated Cover stock. In addition, you can add 1 or 2 pockets with optional business card slits on the left, right, or both pockets. With so many choices, you can’t possibly go wrong!

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