Breathe New Life Into Your Business Cards

Do you still have the same business card design you had a decade ago? Times are changing, and frankly, so should your business cards. It’s always a good idea to rebrand your image and your business cards and refresh the old to keep your clients interested, as well as attract the attention of prospects.

For an effective business card makeover, switching to a different shape makes a substantial difference. Upon discovering our new special shapes, Tiffany Burks from decided to do just that. Since Tiffany creates custom paper embellishments used for scrapbooking, décor, and the like, she decided to choose circular-shaped/round-shaped cards to emphasize her star logo design and popular “circle star” embellishments (featured in images below). With this new shape, and a refreshingly updated design, Tiffany was able to place even more emphasis on the creative, die-cut products she creates.

“The response to my new cards has been great. Not many people have seen a round business card yet, and they love it.” 

-Tiffany Burks

customer business cards on grass, printed by GotPrint


customer round business cards printed by GotPrint


customer round business cards on grass, printed by

Images provided by Tiffany Burks 

If you have a business card makeover of your own, be sure to let us know in the comments below! To be featured in our blog, email me at

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