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We have a great community of customers and followers on our social media accounts who from time to time, send us a thank you or a note, along with pictures of their cards – and we’ve noticed, that many of these customers happen to be artists. As artists and freelancers, it’s important to actively promote your work in a cost-effective way to get your name out there.

So instead of posting online ads and investing in other means of advertising, they rely on cost-effective print marketing (postcards, business cards), as well as social media (it’s free!) to spread the word, and showcase their work.

And our customers always get our attention with their use of creativity and beautiful, eye-catching designs.

Jessica Dalva’sunique work ranges from painting to sculpting to sewing tiny and regular-sized costumes, set design, puppetry, and the list goes on. Her goal is to learn to make everything and anything. To promote her art, she’s created different sets of business cards showcasing her various artwork.

Artist Business Cards Printed by GotPrint

Take a look at these wonderful promotional postcards illustrated by Vince Williams (who can be found on Instagram @vwillustration). Postcards are simply a great tool for getting your name out there, while still showcasing a sample of your work in full color. 
Illustrator Postcards Printed by

In fact, promotional postcards are one of the most popular promotional items we print each day. Here, Tiffany England promotes her vivid illustrations by displaying her art on both sides, with a portion of her postcard design dedicated to her contact information, as a way to encourage fans to connect with her.

Illustrator Postcards by
DanielFishel prefers our 16 pt. Dull Cover with Matte Finish paper, due to its silky texture and it can’t hurt that it’s one of our thickest stocks either! He mails his postcards to fans and those who may be interested in his work. You can find Daniel on instagram @o_fishel.
Illustrator Postcards by GotPrint

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