An Ever Evolving Style

Lindsey Balbierz is just another freelance illustrator with a natural talent and style that effortlessly shines through her work. When we caught glimpse of her printed work and pictures, we became interested in hearing more about her story, and she happily obliged to a short chat.

GotPrint taxi notepads by Lindsey Balbierz

 A Little About Lindsey

A freelance illustrator living in trendy Brooklyn, NY, Lindsey is originally a “Clevelander” from Cleveland, Ohio. Her story starts back in high school, where she was a part of a rigorous art program, which helped her prepare for Parsons The New School for Design, where she excelled.

Years of hard work and a committed love for what she does has helped her get to where she is now—a freelance illustrator producing work for big names like AdWeek, The Globe and Mail, Jaime Oliver magazine, and Time Out New York. Quite an impressive portfolio we must say!
GotPrint taxi notepads on design office desk

An Innate Style

Lindsey explains to us where her unique illustration style comes from. Her style isn’t forced nor created, in fact, it’s innate and a part of who she is – something that may sound foreign to some of us in this day and age. “My drawing style is just what naturally comes out, like a persons’ handwriting. It’s not something that I consciously do or work at, but just how handwriting gradually evolves over time, so does my style. To answer your question, I would describe my drawing style as quirky and whimsical with some awkwardness.”

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that Lindsey finds inspiration just about everywhere: party stores, dollar stores, antiquing, folk art, collections of quirky ephemera, you name it! “When an item triggers nostalgia, that really inspires me to draw,” Lindsey says.

All My Own

When we asked Lindsey what she liked most about what she does, she convinced us with this response:

“I like that I can create work that is all my own, that the art director trusts that I will produce artwork appropriate for the brief, and I can work in a private environment. I enjoy that I can make my own products and/or embellish preexisting products with my drawings. For example, I was able to make my own notepads and tent cards with GotPrint. I’m also working on another notepad that will serve as my favor at my wedding next year.”

Last, but not least, we leave you with a lovely vine of excited Lindsey unboxing her GotPrint order of notepads.

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