Halloween Costume Contest Winners Announced!

As our annual tradition, GotPrint held a costume contest for the most creative, funniest and scariest Halloween costumes. Corporate attire and anything ordinary is not recommended on this day, as we change into silly, funny and frightening costumes in hopes of inciting a few laughs and frights. In between working and carrying on as usual, we walked around to catch a glimpse of the best costumes, pick our favorites, and capture them on camera.

Speaking of our favorites, our categories for the best costume are as follows: Most Creative, Funniest and Scariest, and each won a $100 reward. For Most Creative Costume, we really just did not recognize her. She was covered from head to toe in costume – presenting Sally from one of our favorite holiday movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

For Funniest Costume, one of our staff members from the “Envelope” department decided to become just that – an envelope. And lastly, for Scariest Costume, we have a half nun/half devil, who just happened to be carrying a devil-baby in his tummy.

Find the rest of our pictures on our Facebook page.

GotPrint Halloween Costume Winners

GotPrint Group Picture for Halloween

GotPrint Staff in hallloween costumes

Halloween Costumes at GotPrint

Halloween Costumes at GotPrint

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