GotPrint Bowls!

GotPrint bowling night flyer
That’s right – Thursday, August 23rd, GotPrint staff got their bowling shoes on and bowled, and bowled some more at Jewel City Bowl in Glendale, California. It was a night of camaraderie followed by intense competition, and at the end, little trophies and high fives to go around. 
After we took over every lane in Jewel City Bowl (we were a large crowd), we started the department competition in high hopes of coveting some of those golden trophies. Finally, after many gutterballs, trips and falls down the lanes, spares, strikes, and shouts of cheering, we had the much-anticipated, final contenders playing the final game.

Congrats to all the winners!

>Gotprint employees bowling at bowling night
Let the good times roll!

Are YOU ready!?!

bowling night scorekeeper with his score pad
 Ares, our scorekeeper and event runner of the night
GotPrint employee weighing his options with two bowling balls
Weighing his options…

Winner with his 5 small bowling trophies lined up
 5 trophies for this winner!

Bowling night team #18 with its five employees
 Team #18
4 GotPrint staff members at bowling night with matching pink shirts
 Team Spirit at its finest
The final score on the screen at bowling night
 Down to the FINAL match…
colorful bowling balls

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