A Time to Dress Up (Or Down)

Halloween is fun, it’s different, and best of all, it’s a time to dress up, or down, rather. Without further ado, here are this year’s highlights of the annual Halloween costume-off :

One of our customer service reps started the day off on the right foot (hand in his case): expertly juggling lighted balls in a full clown costume.

GotPrint employee in clown Halloween costume juggling balls 2013

We had some interesting characters…

GotPrint employee wearing Halloween costume 2013
GotPrint employee wearing hippy Halloween costume 2013


GotPrint employees wearing halloween costumes 2013

Even Frida Kahlo popped in to say hello!

GotPrint employee wearing Frida Kahlo Halloween costume 2013

And it all culminated in an intense battle between the day’s GotPrint mascot (who happened to be a fairy) vs. evil, bloody monsters in dark costume.

GotPrint employees in halloween costume 2013

GotPrint employees group picture of Halloween costumes 2013

GotPrint employees in halloween costumes 2013

GotPrint employees group picture wearing Halloween costumes 2013

Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures on our Facebook album.

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