Free Notepad Templates for To-Dos, Weekly Planners, Project Planning, & More!

Custom-printed notepads can help you stay organized, plan projects, and spread the word about your brand. When you add a personalized template to your memos though, they also become an indispensable everyday tool for the home or office. Whether you need a notepad for weekly planners, to-do lists, grocery runs, or just to add a pop of color to your desk space, GotPrint knows that variety is the spice of life and has got you covered. 

Our 12 Most Popular Templates – Free and Easy to Customize 

GotPrint offers a variety of sizes, from smaller notepads for quick thoughts to larger options like 8.5 x 11 or 5×8, with ready-made designs to help you get the most out of your notepad. These are just a few of the different templates we offer for all your notetaking needs: 

  1. Customizable Designs: Notepads are handy for efficiency and task management, as well as an underutilized outreach marketing tool. Giving out notepads that have your company’s logo on them is an easy way to increase your brand awareness. Because it’s a practical tool as well, anyone who gets their hands on one will always see your company’s logo when using it.  
  1. Floral: Organization is sometimes just as much about motivation as it is the actual work you need to get done. Fun and colorful notepads that you are excited to work with can be an incredibly helpful part of the note-taking process. If you are a fan of bright flowers, daisies, tulips, or general nature designs, we have a large selection of options to brighten your day.   
  1. Groceries: Stuck in the refrigerated section and can’t remember if you have milk or not? A notepad designed especially for a grocery list could have helped you avoid that. We have a variety of designs so you can easily keep track of what you are out of and what needs to be picked up. Whether you are shopping for your own home or putting together supplies for an office breakroom, a proper grocery list is a great way to keep organized for your next trip to the store. 
Notepads are a great way to keep track of your meals for the week.
  1. Meal Planner: Making sure all your nutrition plans are organized for the week can be a huge hassle without proper planning. Similarly, if you are trying to schedule workplace meals for a special occasion or keep track of the office snacks, a well-thought-out meal planner can be the perfect solution to the potential culinary chaos. We have notepads designed with meal scheduling in mind to help keep your three-square meals a day well in hand. 
  1. Notes: Whether you want your note pads to be covered in strawberries, ocean waves, forest animals, a cute pink cat, or abstract art, GotPrint has got you covered. Our custom-printed notepads allow you to express yourself easily while being sure to keep track of whatever you have coming down the work pipeline or coming up on your next school test. 
Whatever class you have next, it’s important to have the right tools for note-taking.
  1. Patterns: Notepads are an important presentation piece for any office or desk space in the working world. Making sure you have a professional-looking memo pad with an eye-catching pattern is a great way to stand out from the other businesses around you. Pairing the perfect design with your company logo is also an option we offer with our unique templates. 
  1. Project Planning: When laying out the next steps of a project, it can be difficult to keep everything in order without the proper forms of organization available. Custom notepads are often the perfect solution for complicated or lengthy task planning. Our templates are designed for a variety of different projects, simply find the one that works for you and customize it for your specific needs. 
Stay up on that next big project with an organization system custom-tailored to your industry.
  1. Reminders: It can be easy to forget little things throughout the day. Don’t let that happen to you, instead make sure you have a reminder notepad on hand when working on different tasks. Our reminder templates make it easy to have simple memo pads around to jot down your thoughts, plans, or obligations now so that you don’t forget them later. 
  1. To-Do Lists: Keeping track of your day, week, month, or even year can often get out of hand without proper organizational methods in place. A simple to-do list can be a smart way to mitigate forgetting anything while also planning the next steps. We have designed several lists with your busy schedule in mind, all you need to do is customize them the way you want and leave the rest to our printing experts.  
Make sure your notepads are personalized to your needs so you can stay on top of it all.
  1. Weekly Planners: It doesn’t matter if you are keeping track of the things you need to do or if you are looking to design a habit tracker to keep track of your regular tendencies, weekly planners make fantastic tools for organization and motivation. We design templates for a variety of schedules and intentions, all ready for your customization.  
  1. Solid Colors: A pop of color is a fantastic way to make a workspace stand out, and notepads are a great way to brighten up a desk or similar space while also adding functionality. Whatever your favorite color, or whatever tone matches your office, we have custom templates ready for you to take advantage of. 
  1. Automotive: No one needs the ability to write down a long list of issues quickly more than a mechanic. That’s why our experts at GotPrint made a unique group of notepad designs, especially for the automotive industry. Keep track of your oil changes, tire replacements, and an endless line of customers all with eye-catching memo pads that set you apart from your competitors.  

Free and Personalized Notepad Templates You Need in Your Life 

Despite the ease of electronic devices and the ever-growing list of organizational options out there, we still need paper to take notes on and keep lists with. Notepads can inspire you to plan and organize your daily, weekly, or even monthly responsibilities. They have been proven to create better memorization and learning habits over time. 

Custom notepads are an affordable yet effective marketing, advertising, and branding tool, especially when customized with a logo or other branding features. They’re ideal for your next marketing campaign, a gift for an organized (or unorganized) friend, a large conference, or whatever you need!