Coachella 2012

It’s getting warmer here in California, which means more time spent outdoors, and a lot more festivals like Coachella. 
In case you don’t know, Coachella is an annual music and art festival (mostly music) spanning across two weekends and held in Indio, California. Music enthusiasts, hipsters, celebrities, young folk, and pretty much anyone else nowadays camp out to hear live music featuring big names in rock, indie, hip hop, and electronic music. Indeed, this is where you can find everyone from up-and-coming artists to Radiohead and Snoop Dogg.
There are cars, there are tents, and a whole lot of music and dancing, which is what attracts thousands each year to this desert region. And it seemingly gets more diverse and bigger each year: just this year alone, tickets were sold out in a matter of hours—before any bands were even announced!
But don’t worry. Just in case you missed it (unfortunately, so did I), we’ve provided some very colorful and beautiful Instagram photographs that were taken by our GotPrint staff member and Coachella attendee, Leslie Brymer.
Coachella music festival 2012 crowd
Coachella art and music festival stage
Coachella art and music festival 2012 attendance
Coachella art and music festival 2012

Coachella art and music festival 2012 crowd

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